Bodyflex4You, praktijk voor massagetherapie in Den Haag

Bodyflex4you, massage practice in The Hague

My name is Maaike Lafarre. After completing my three year study, level HogerBeroepsOnderwijs for foot and body reflextherapy, I started my own massage practice. During and after my studies I increased my capabilities by following various courses and workshops for extra technique and insight.

BodyFlex4You is a massage practice in The Hague, specialized in all kinds of massages

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflex is a natural healing therapy based on the theory that mind and body are one. On our hands and feet are reflex zones which correspond with organs and glands. Through reflexology blockages can be cleared, the body cleansed and stimulated. Foot reflex can relieve symptoms such as stress, sleeplessness, headaches, migraines, neck shoulder pain and intestine problems.


Chinflex is a very different reflexlogy method than used in the west at the momen. The Chinese combine the reflex zones ,meridian channels and acupuncture. The calves and knees are also massaged to help the circulation through that effect of the footrelex is increased.The massage technique used is different and the massage is seen as a wellness treatment. Metamorphose massage This massage is practiced on feet ,hands and the head, and can assist with getting rid of blockages which have mounted up over a longer period of time. Metamorphose therapy helps to ..let go...release and let go of bad habits and make positive lifestyle adjustments. Fantastic!!

Polarisation therapy

Polarisation therapy is a very specific massage which brings the elements earth, water, fire and air in balance. The element ether is added for molecule movement. Through this adjustment of energy flow more harmony is felt in the way of thinking, feeling and negotiation, giving us more clarity to ourselves and others.

Intensive backmassage

This intensive backmassage eases various back complaints, headaches, R.S.I.symptoms and is also very relaxing.


Bodyflex4you, before Reflexzone-therapie
Maaike Lafarre
Reflexzone therapeut, Holistische stoelmasseur

Bloemenbuurt Den Haag
HogerBeroepsOnderwijs-qualified therapist, member of Federatie voor Additief Geneeskundig Therapeuten (FAGT).

AGB-code : 90035251
Praktijkcode : 9014163
KvK nummer : 27314645

Best time to call
- Morning between 9.00 and 10.00
- Afternoon between 17.00 and 18.00
- Evenings between 19.00 and 20.00
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